Doonbeg Community Development (DCD) Company Ltd

Doonbeg Community Development (DCD) Company Ltd has existed in Doonbeg since 1990 and has a competent Board of Directors drawn from all walks of life in Doonbeg. It has promoted many successful projects in and around Doonbeg since its incorporation, which include the initial proposal for a Golf Club in Doonbeg, the renovation of the lake area, a long lease on Doonbeg Hall and the promotion of many successful local festivals, including the Doonbeg Jazz Festival, the Doonbeg Drama Festival and the Willie Keane Traditional Music Festival. Doonbeg Community Development has a proven track record in managing and promoting similar community projects. DCD Ltd has developed the proposal with the support of the Playground Sub-committee.

Why we are Fundraising?

Doonbeg deserves a playground! Doonbeg Community Development Ltd (DCD Ltd) proposes building a community playground in the village of Doonbeg, County Clare. The project will include the clearing and levelling of the existing site that has fallen into dereliction in the middle of Doonbeg Village. It will see the purchase and installation of state-of-the-art Playground Equipment for young children from 2-6 years and older children from 7-12 years. It will also include the erection of a fence around the playground and the installation of CCTV cameras to monitor the playground from the Doonbeg Community Development parish offices located on the first floor of Doonbeg Hall.

DCD Ltd has received approval and lease by legal agreement on file from the Diocese of Killaloe to locate the proposed playground on land owned by the Diocese on an ideal site adjacent to the Doonbeg Primary School and away from local traffic concerns. The committee garnered a huge amount of support for the project from the local community.

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