When does the draw take place?

The Draw will take place on Tuesday, 7th May 2024 in the Doonbeg Community Hall, Doonbeg, County Clare.

Will the draw be streamed online?

Yes. The draw will be streamed live on the Win a VW Tiguan Facebook page.

What is the first prize?

The first prize in the draw is a new 241 Volkswagen Tiguan Manual (colour black), supplied by Pierse Motors. The value of the car at the time of publishing the Terms & Conditions of purchase is €55,000. Insurance is a matter for the prize winner. A cash alternative of €50,000 will be offered to the winner should they not wish to take the car.

How many tickets are for sale?

There will be a maximum of 15,000 tickets.

What if all tickets are not sold?

If a minimum of 4,000 tickets have not been sold by the Draw Date (as defined below), the Organisation reserves the right to substitute the first prize with a cash alternative based on the revenue received from lottery ticket sales.

Are there bonus draws throughout the campaign?

We will also run additional bonus draws for all ticket holders between December 2023 – April 2024. The sooner you buy your ticket the more draws you are eligible to enter. These draws and results will be notified on the campaign’s social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and X.

Are there other prizes?

No, there is only one prize as stated above.

Do I need to be from Ireland to buy a ticket?

No, we welcome entries from all over the world. Delivery of the prize is only available in Ireland. If
you live overseas, you will have to arrange delivery at your own expense.

Where will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced on the club’s website and social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and X. All ticket holders will be emailed also.

How can I attend the draw?

The draw will be take place on Tuesday, 7th May 2024 in the Doonbeg Community Hall, Doonbeg, County Clare. The exact time of the draw will be confirmed in advance and it will be published on our social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and X. The draw will also be livestreamed on Win a VW Tiguan Facebook page for all to view.

Can anyone attend the event?

Yes, this will be a public event. All details will be posted on the club’s website and social media platforms in advance of the draw.

Do you have to be present at the draw to claim the prize?

No. If you’re not present at the draw, we will contact you with details about how to claim your prize.

Are tickets only available to purchase online?

While we encourage people to purchase their ticket online, tickets are also being sold by Doonbeg Playground Group members. Tickets can also be purchased offline in person at Doonbeg Community Hall during their office hours.

I have purchased a ticket online, will I receive my ticket in the post?

No. After purchasing your ticket on our website you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket number(s).

Can I purchase a ticket as a gift?

It is possible to purchase a ticket as a gift once the recipient is over 18 and is eligible to be entered into the draw. Ensure that you enter the name of the person that is receiving the gift under name on ticket (if different to above), when making your purchase online, otherwise the ticket will be issued in your name.

Will the draw be independently observed?

Yes, the draw will be independently observed by a nominated adjudicator. We also recommend that you read the Terms & Conditions page prior to entering.

If I experience any issue or technical difficulties when buying a ticket online, what do I do?

Please send an email to hello@winavwtiguan.ie giving as much information about the issue or technical difficulty you experienced. E will endeavour to respond to your query as soon as possible.

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